St. Paul Lutheran Church

"Changing lives through Jesus Christ in a caring community

where people mature in faith, worship Jesus, 

witness, and serve others in the world.".  


By using the links below, you can download our latest (and archived) newsletters.  Newsletters are typically mailed to the home, but are also available online.

Download this file (Dec - Jan 2018-19 Newsltr plus calendar.pdf)Dec 2018 and Jan 2019[Dec 2018 and Jan 2019]1776 kB
Download this file (Sept 2018 with Calendar .pdf)September 2018 with Calendar[September 2018 with Calendar]1154 kB
Download this file (VBS 2018 Registration Form website.pdf)2018 VBS Registration Form[SHIPWRECKED - Rescued by Jesus!]1113 kB
Download this file (May June 2018 plus calendars.pdf)May & June 2018 [includes calendars]1084 kB
Download this file (March April  2018 web.pdf)March April 2018 web.pdf[March - April 2018 Newsletter]1795 kB
Download this file (2-18 Newsletter V2.pdf)February 2018 Newsletter[ ]628 kB
Download this file (Oct - Nov 2017 Newsletter.pdf)Oct-Nov Newsletter[Oct-Nov newsletter]516 kB
Download this file (Sept 2017 Newsletter web.pdf)September 2017 Newsletter[ ]941 kB
Download this file (April May 2017.pdf)April May 2017 Newsletter[ ]1035 kB
Download this file (2-17 Newsletter v2 - bazaar mission trip revised.pdf)February March 2017 Newsletter[ ]1103 kB